6 Ways to Save on NJ Home Remodeling

There are a lot of New Jersey (NJ) homes that have been around for a long time. While they may have some historical charm, often they need a bit of updating and remodeling in order to make them desirable for purchase, or to make the new homeowners happy with their abode.

If you’re thinking about NJ home remodeling, chances are you’re thinking about how much it’s going to cost you. This is one of the biggest road blocks for families in the home remodeling process, but there are ways that you can save money on your remodel.

For more information on how to remodel your home, or for more insight into the process, contact your local NJ homebuilder and remodeler to learn how you can turn your current home into your dream home.

We’re going to talk about everyone’s biggest fear when it comes to the remodel – the budget. This is everyone’s biggest fear with good reason as it’s one of the most important aspects of the remodeling process. Even if you follow all the best advice from professionals and homebuilders out there, it’s hard to avoid spending more than you originally wanted.

Work these six tips for saving money on your remodel into your budget for a better experience when it comes to updating your home for your family.

Think about efficiency first, size later.

Think about re-doing the inside before you make any huge structural changes. For example, you may be able to increase the size of a kitchen by replacing amenities or having a homebuilder come in and change the cabinets, the way the counter falls or various other features in order to make a room bigger or more versatile.

Check out the local Recycling Center.

Recycled fixtures are much cheaper than brand new materials for the remodeling of your home. Head down to your local recycle center to see if there is anything worth using. You never know – you might find a fantastic slab of stone to use as your new countertop.

Donate your trash.

Many homeowners are surprised to find that scrapping their materials from their home to replace with new ones will actually cost them something. But there is good news – donating the materials costs nothing. Check out your local donation center to see where you can donate large items like old bathroom fixtures.

Think long term.

It’s easy to just latch onto the cheapest option when it comes to remodeling your home, but you want to think about the long term. Buying cheaper products and materials may mean that you have to do more updating in the future to upkeep your home. Buying nicer materials that will weather some of the years will keep your wallet safe for longer, and also help your NJ home to look nicer.

Say no to recessed lighting.

Well, you don’t have to say no every time, but this is one of the most costly things to do to a home during remodel. Cutting the holes for the lighting and making sure the structural integrity of the building is still sound in the process is something that not every homeowner expect to build up so quickly in the remodel process.

Do your own schlepping for your builder.

Do you have access to a pickup truck or some other type of vehicle that can help you move materials around quickly and easily? Use it. This will save your builder time moving materials back and forth, and you won’t have to pay for shipping for more amenities and other items you may be adding to or replacing in your home.

Whether designing your home improvement project from scratch or simply redecorating to create a more updated look, our design and remodeling professionals work to meet and exceed your expectations. For more information on how we can help remodel your NJ home, contact us.

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