13 Things You Can Do to Your Kitchen with NJ Renovation Experts

Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen? There are a ton of things you can do to update your kitchen to give your home not only a more luxurious look and feel – but more functionality as well.

In New Jersey (NJ), one of this country’s historical states, there are a lot of old homes with a lot of charm. As homeowners, we often like to have the best in updated appliances and kitchen gadgets in order to feel comfortable in our homes. For the older homes, this means a renovation project.

For more information about how you can renovate your home, contact your local NJ renovation experts for ideas on how you can transform your kitchen into your dream kitchen.

We’ve collected some of our favorite ideas for renovating your kitchen. Check out the top list below:

Open up the space.

If you have a smaller kitchen, consider shelving instead of cabinets. This will make the space seem more open. If you like your cabinets, another option is selecting cabinets with glass faces so you can see the inside. Be careful with this though – it can look messy if your cabinets aren’t kept neat.

Update hardware like knobs and drawer handles.

Updating knobs, handles and other metal fixtures in the kitchen is a small task that can make a big different. Don’t forget to update the hinges! No one likes using a kitchen where every cabinet squeaks.

Upgrade appliances.

This is the easiest way to make your kitchen feel newer and more modern. It’s also easier to cook on newer appliances, the makers of which have often taken functionality into consideration upon creation.

Think about your ceiling.

One of the first things that people do when they walk into a room is look up. Consider updating the texture or color of your kitchen ceiling. It just might be the key to making the room look more open and inviting.

Change the backsplash.

The walls behind the kitchen appliances might need updating, or just an adjustment to better reflect your style. Consider creative ideas such as patterned tiling or maybe some different wallpaper.

Countertop updates can change the whole look and feel of a kitchen.

Countertops are the parts of our kitchen that we get the most use out of. You probably don’t go a single day in your home without using your countertop for something – whether or not you’re a star chef. Update your countertop to update the whole look and feel of your kitchen

Grab a can of paint.

Painting the kitchen will open up the walls, as well as make the whole room look cleaner and newer.

Consider different types of lighting.

Lighting can make or break a room – especially if you’re in a room without many windows. Depending on the feel of your kitchen, consider in-ceiling lighting to brighten up the room.

Think functionality and style for your sink.

Your sink has to be easy to clean and able to take a beating, but you also want the central piece of your kitchen to go with the style of the room.

Build in storage into the walls.

This will help get items up off of your counter top and out of your cabinets, while still keeping a place for everything.

Re-do the pantry – it needs to be simple and organized.

Getting better use out of your pantry is key to good kitchen organization. Updating the shelving and storage space you have will help you get better use out of your kitchen.

Figure out a way to put the small stuff on the walls.

In the same theme as keeping the clutter out of the way, putting the small stuff like spices, decorations and other items often found in a kitchen on the walls is more effective, and offers you creative ways to decorate.

Flooring needs to be durable and beautiful.

I don’t think there is any part of a kitchen that gets more beat up than the floors. Selecting the right flooring is crucial for both the right look and feel for a room and it’s functionality.

Whether designing your home improvement project from scratch or simply redecorating to create a more updated look, our design and remodeling professionals work to meet and exceed your expectations. For more information on how we can help remodel your NJ home, contact us.

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