10 Crazy Fun Things Your Family can do in a Finished Basement After NJ Home Improvements

Often times, New Jersey (NJ) homes come without a finished basement. This means that they’re used for storage or industrial purposes and aren’t often a good place to hang out with friends or family. Finishing a basement gives you this capability, while also making your home feel bigger and more luxurious.

For more information on how you can finish your basement, or build one, contact your local remodeling company to talk about pricing and the benefits it can have for you and your family.

A finished basement is a good way to put NJ home improvements into effect. In the meantime, consider the following things you could do in your newly remodeled home with a finished basement:

Make a Game Space

For many families, the basement is the game room. Have you always wanted a pool table, a romp-room for the kids or maybe somewhere you can play air hockey? Consider finishing your basement for a comfortable room to play games in with your family and friends.

Rough-House Safely

Especially families with kids, the basement is a great place for rough housing. The solid foundation means that knocking around the basement won’t shake the house or destroy anything valuable, and it provides a comfortable and insulated are for kids to play and not bother others in the house.

Work on Household Projects

Are you restoring an old piece of furniture, putting together something new for your living or perhaps just crafting? The basement is the best place to work on household projects and a finished basement can provide you with the comfort and luxury that you need to do so.

Store Items for Outdoor Hobbies

A finished basement is a great place for a closet or room in which to store items that you need for outdoor hobbies. For example, you could store fishing poles, snow clothing or sports gear in your finished basement.

In some cases, houses that are built on a hill have a walk-out door to their backyard from their basement. In this instance, this would be the perfect area to store gear for outdoor activities.

Host Sleepovers

A finished basement is a great place to stash a group of kids for a sleepover party. They’ll be out of the way of the rest of the house, and there is plenty of romp-around space for them to have a good time.

Create a Built-In Bar

For more adult fun, many people consider building a built-in bar for their basement for use when hosting parties or groups of friends. Consider also finishing your basement and adding in an entertainment system to make these gatherings more fun.

Showcase Your Style

Many homeowners also used finished basements as an opportunity to showcase their more eclectic style. If you really like country, football, fishing or really any other interest out there, a finished basement can provide you with the opportunity for a themed room to display this.

Build Forts

Basements are the perfect area for kids to build forts in and move furniture around for an optimal play area. Finishing the basement makes this experience more comfortable and safer for your kids.

Dance on an Open Floor

Ever wanted to have a dance party? Consider finishing your basement for an open floor space that won’t shake the house or bother the people below (as there are none).

Throw Parties

Use your newly finished basement as an opportunity to throw a party! Whether it’s a game room, a romp around room or something that you’ve decorated specially, you’ll have a great place to invite over friends and family.

Whether designing your home improvement project from scratch or simply redecorating to create a more updated look, our design and remodeling professionals work to meet and exceed your expectations. For more information on how we can help remodel your NJ home, contact us.

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